Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Woo Hoo Target...and the Bath buddies deal just got better!

So I will start with the Bath Buddies deal. I had printed the Johnson and Johnson 1/1 item coupon from coupons.com and I also had an instore coupon from Target that was 2.50/3 Johnson and johnson products. They had 3 (at the mall target) so I grabbed them and when I got to check out I was able to stack my MFG coupon with the target coupon without any trouble and had a 1.50 overage. To make it better out popped another coupon for the 2.50/3 bath buddies! Woo hooo. So now I can go back and buy 3 more for .50 total and get another coupon. Hehehe. Guess I will be stocking up on bath buddies as soon as target replenishes their stock.

So on to the good stuff. Target was my favorite place yet again! I spent 37.34 and recieved 128.47 worth of goods. Here is the list:

8 boxes of toaster struedel
2 dial hand foam
1 satin care shave cream
3 venus razors
3 venus body wash
1 pkg huggies diapers
1 pkg of copy paper (I was out)
2 pkgs Alwasy infinity
10 pkg of Keebler cookies (boy and I gonna be sad when this deal is gone!)
2 Oral B kids toothbrushes
3 johnson bath buddies

I was pretty pleased. I did do 2 transactions so I could use some of the gift cards to pay for the second transaction. Still under budget for the week and I have bought TONS! How did you do this week?


Erin March 11, 2010 at 10:34 PM  

hi amy :) i went to target yesterday... didn't do as well as you, but i thought i did ok... i spent $29.00 for $54.00 worth of stuff... it didn't turn out to be as little as i thought, but i did pay full price for a couple more expensive things (baby orajel, baby food, and soda = $18.00)... baby food really ups the total, I NEED BABY FOOD COUPONS!!!! :) with my coupons i got the bath buddies soap bars, dial handsoaps, 3 free trial sizes of deodorants, kids crest toothpaste, free reach floss, oral-b toothbrush, ziploc bags, bandaids, and .24 cent monopoly game :) i'm going to go back and get more bath buddies, another monopoly deal game, and the bop it... what is the deal for the venus razors??

amy March 11, 2010 at 11:34 PM  

Thats awsome Erin! I will keep my eye out for the baby food coupons, I certainly am not needing them but can save them for you! I love love love target! I have a couple more things I *need* to pick up tomorrow. The deal was doing for the razors came out a while ago. I actually purchased coupons from Ebay for it. The PG had buy one venus razor get an olay body wash free. I also had 2/1 venus razor. To top it off if you did the deal and got 3 bodywashes (for free remember) You got a 5.00 gift card for Target. To make it even sweeter, Olay had a buy 3 get 15.00 mail in rebate. It is over on Saturday, but it was great while it lasted. I will let you know if I see anything similar in the future for sure! Keep going with the couponing, I promise you will get there!

Sara March 12, 2010 at 12:01 AM  

Erin, with Paige I made my own baby food. Sounds like a lot, but not. I would steam a thing of carrots (lg batch), then stick in the food processor. You could freeze in the tiny containers or in ice cube trays. I did similar things with beans, zuchini, etc. With fruits, I just would mash up the fresh fruit we had or made a big crockpot of homemade applesauce. Not sure how adventurous you want to get!

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