Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Get Easy Swagbucks

Swagbucks are always easy to get just by doing your usual surfing but now there is some new ways to score additonal swagbucks!
You can watch quick videos to earn swagbucks on top of your usual surfing swagbucks.

Here are some of the special offers that are absolutely earn swagbucks:

Butterfinger Video (under FREE tab) – 2 Swag Bucks
Death at a Funeral Video (under FREE tab) – 2 Swag Bucks
Kick Ass Video (under FREE tab) – 2 Swag Bucks
Hot Wheels Video (under FREE tab) – 2 Swag Bucks
SAP Streamworks Video – (unde FREE tab) – 2 Swag Bucks

Special Offers on the Home Page (Horizontal Bar)
Olay Video – 4 Swag Bucks (click banner at top to earn Swag Bucks after watching video)
Kmart Video – 3 Swag Bucks
The Slammin’ Salmon Video – 4 Swag Bucks

By earning swagbucks you can recieve all sorts of rewards like gift cards and prizes. My current favorite is the Amazon Gift cards. I have over 20 dollars earned in them since January! Not going to make me rich, but every bit helps my gift budget :-)

Go to Swagbucks to sign up and get swaggin!!

Thanks so much Couponing to Disney!!!


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