Thursday, April 1, 2010


It has been unusually quiet last night and this morning. Since it is the beginning of the new month I am expecting to see some great coupons popping up and resetting! I just cant find anything YET!

On a fun note, I took a friend to Walgreens last night to introduce her to the "extreme couponng" that we all love. After the first purchase I think she was hooked! How fun to teach someone in person "the ropes" We started with Wags because of the great deals this week and she did great!! I have yet to hear her total spending vs savings *hint hint Ang** but I am sure it was quite impressive. With all the free toothpaste, dove and just for men shampoo, how could we go wrong right??? hehehehe

Anyway, I am out and about for the morning so I will be hopefully posting all those great coupons when I come back for NAP TIME!!

Let me know if you find anything in the meantime!!


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