Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I just have to say that I am SO tired of taxes! Honestly...isnt it bad enough to have to do one set of taxes, but 2 is just simply a pain! I do my parents taxes and I have for several years now to help save them money from going to an overpriced accountant, but for some reason this year...UGGH

It may be because, ummm...its April 14th at 11 pm and I am JUST Finishing the blasted things?

It may be because I am an idiot and accidentally upgraded the return to the home and business addition. Therefore increasing the price from 70+ to over 130 dollars! EEEK. Because of my extreme stupidity error, I had to not only redo the entire return, but manually enter all the information by hand! For some ignorant reason, Turbo tax wont let you down grade once you upgrade!

Yes, I am a procrastinator, and obviously not a smart one at that. But I am good at filling in all the little boxes and since I got the same result BOTH times, I am assuming that it is right :-)

PS. Do you know you can save 35% off by going through Bank of America's website and typing turbotax in the search box? Just for all the rest of you slackers out there :-) Hey....I had to make this relevant somehow right??


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