Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What are E-coupons??

I have been meaning to explain this for a while now since I put the link up there. This is a link especially for all of you Kroger or Scotts shoppers...or anywhere else that has a rewards card.

Cellfire are electronic coupons. They are super cool and you can stack them with the other MFG's you have giving you even greater savings. By going here you can set up an account and register you rewards card number.

Here is the cool part. Then once a month, you simply click on the coupons that you wish to use and they will be electronically saved to your card. No clipping, no cutting, no bother.

When you get to the check out lane, if you happened to have purchased something that you have an E-coupon for, it will be deducted automatically from your bill...along with any MFG coupons that you may have. So you can buy something on sale at Kroger, have a MFG coupon and still use a cellfire coupon on top of it all! Wooo HOOOO...big savings to be had for sure!

Now personally I go in spurts with this, honestly just because I dont shop at Kroger all that often. Mostly I go for meat, but since I am stocked for now I havent been in a month or so. BUT, it is a nice added bonus that I forget that I have till the end.

Basically when cellfire notifies me of new Q's, I just go ahead and put them all on my card. There is no limit, and they fall off automatically when they expire so no worries there either. This way I simply do it once and dont think of it again. Easy Peasy way to save at the grocery...and no embarassment factor for my daughter. A win-win huh??

Upromise works similarly. But you link a debit or credit card to your purchases. Then evey time you purchase something that is on their offer list, you will recieve that money back in the form of a deposit into a college fund. Nice! I havent utilized this really at all, since we are trying to rely on cash, but it may be a nice way to save a bit extra for my eldest college costs, that are coming up amazingly quick!


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