Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ways to save...on electronics stuff

This entire blog is dedicated to saving money right? So I post the deals and the freebies and HOPEFULLY y'all will save some dough...at least that is my goal here.

Sooo, last night something totally tragic occurred in my home. I was completely devastated actually....my laptop died :-(

This is a horrible thing that has happened to me, cause its really one of my very best friends...sad I know.

You see, the lappy and I have a completely mutual co dependency on each other. I use it relentlessly to find your deals and it performs every time.

Well...my battery for the lappy was pretty worn out, and I of course was to cheap to buy a new one. I just stayed plugged in. Then due to much abuse overuse, the cord gave up the ghost. 28 minutes later...NO LAPTOP!

Of course since I am a couponer, I have a couple more computers in my house for the sole facts that a. I can print lots of coupons and b. that my kids and hubby don't try to use the laptop :-) So I have the option of tapping away in my teenagers bedroom (Ummm...no?) or my basement.

So while I am in the dungeon basement, I decide that I have to fork out the dough to replace the power cord for the lappy. Of course I google and find that it is outrageous in cost and a new battery is pricey as well.

So here is the point of the post:


If you have never used it, go sign up. I was able to buy a new power cord AND battery for the lappy for under 40 bucks! S W E E T!

I also have found (but not yet bought) a replacement cord for the GPS...(don't ask) for around 3 dollars. Not to mention cell phone cords, covers etc...

I cannot believe the rip off for buying your cords from the retailer.

Anyway...go and bid and SAVE! I got my email this morning saying my cord and new battery are coming soon! Let me know what you can save on


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