Monday, May 3, 2010

Reader Deals!!

I just LOVE getting emails about my readers deals! Here is the latest one...she certainly rocked Wags and CVS didnt she??

"I got all you see here in this picture, PLUS 5 mars candy bars, and a package of Depends (not for myself, but purchased with a $2MM and am going to donate the Depends--- who do you think would take them btw??). My total OOP spending was $22.56, and I received a total of $22.00 back in REWARDS! My total savings was $80.30. SO basically about $103 worth of stuff for $0.56 cents!! Very exciting!"

Oh, and any nursing home would be THRILLED to get the depends...

I would love to see and post your deals as well! I think they are such a great visual for all the new couponers we have coming to our site! just email me and I will get them up asap!

Thanks for sharin!


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