Monday, May 3, 2010

What I bought this week!

When you are couponing, it is easy to get caught up in the deals...I mean really, who can resist razors for a quarter? One of these days I am going to take some pictures of my stockpile, but here is my friends...and her storage solutions..

Wow...her stockpile is WAY more organized than mine (think bins and boxes...) but that is the nature of our friendship anyway :-)

Anyway, the point of this is that I am stocked...for atleast 6 months so my buying trips are smaller than what yours may be. I do make an effort to give away as much as I can (YAY..we have a mission team that can use all my cold medicine :-) but am striving for buying only what is free or I honestly need now!


This is what I bought this week.

CVS 1.08 OOP after ECB 2 nivea bodywashes, 2 nivea lip care, 2 crest toothpastes, and dawn hand renewal...pretty much I only paid tax!

Walgreens 8 halmark cards (so I have them on hand) some clearance sunscreen (florida anyone??) and 2 things of mentos gum (we go through serious amounts of gum!) I paid only 4.84 after RR

Meijer was a whole 'nother deal. Have I said lately that I LOVE meijer? Just sayin! I spent a total of 70.35 after CAT's for 163.49 worth of groceries! I didnt shop at all last week (crazy garage sale mania) so I am still way under budget!

I didnt get a picture...I was feelin lazy again, but I will let you know pretty much what I bought

3 nabisco 100 cal snacks (only 33 cents ea after CAT)
5 Kellogs cereal Boxes (depends on Qs you have but only 49 cents a box after CAT for me)
9 Betty crocker Fruit gushers (57 cents ea after Q's)
6 capri suns and 2 koolaid fizz( capri suns were 79 cents ea after Q and koolaid fizz were free instantly...and had 1/1 Q for the koolaid 2.74 for all of it

Lays chips BOGO
2 Fruit punch (91 cents ea)
I also did the 12 dollars worth of icecream to get 4 CAT= what I did was
1 pk of EDYS Dibs
1 pk of drum sticks
4 single skinny cow pks
(spent 5.00 after Q's and Cats)

2 ritz munchables (1.00 ea)
BOGO classico pasta sauce
3 coffeemate creamers(1.87
for all 3)
4 pkgs of Pizza Rolls (only 3.00 for all of them)
and some other misc fruit and veggies stuff.

I also stopped by Aldis this week and bought milk (who can beat 1.49 a gallon?) , bread, fruits and vegggies, and the all important Dino Chicken nuggets for Sam

All in all, pretty productive shopping week for me. I took inventory of my freezer and am getting down to my last 20 pounds of Chicken and 10 pounds of hamburger and pork so I hope meat goes cheap soon. I am going to start really checking the Kroger ad since they are the cheapest place for meat typically.

What did you get this week???


Tara May 3, 2010 at 10:02 AM  

amy, what coupons do i put together to get the cereal so cheap at meijer? sorry, i'm clueless. also, how did you find out about the cats that go with the cereal? what exactly do i buy and with what coupons?

tara, your clueless friend

p.s. haven't heard yet from l.l.g., will let you know when i do

amy May 3, 2010 at 1:17 PM  

So the Kelloggs cereal is 1.99. There are printable coupons at the redplum site and at (look in my sidebar) You can print 2x per computer. There is also coupons on the kelloggs site. The easiest way to find Qs is to search kelloggs in the coupon database link(top of blog) The cat deal I typically will try and post..but for this it is: Buy any 3 Kellogg’s Cereals (8 oz or larger) in one transaction, get a $2.00 checkout coupon valid on your next order. Buy 4, get $3.00; buy 5 or more, get $4.00. Additional coupon will not print when redeemed in the same transaction. So when I bought 5 boxes I got a 4.00 Cat that popped out. So even with no coupons it is only 1.19 a box. It gets even sweeter when you add in Q's. So one way to do it would be to buy 4 boxes raisin bran and rice krispies combo. Use 1.50/2 printable from red plum (use 2) pay 4.96 for all of them and get a 3.00 CAT. So 1.96 total for 4 boxes of cereal

Let me know what cereal you are looking for and I can help you...

ps...I LOVE the mathusee! Zach is like "oooohhhh...thats how you do it!" YAY!

Erin May 3, 2010 at 1:45 PM  

very cool!! about what prices do you buy your meat?? i was ALL out of hamburger last week, so i scored some at Meijer for $1.79 (i think?) a pound last week, and i think it's the same price this week? i am really bad at meat-- i am not sure what a good price is for all the different cuts of meat...

i am going to meijer tonight, I AM A NEW MEIJER LOVER TOO!! i plan on getting the capri-suns (but i only have 2 coupons... boooo)... and the gushers...

amy May 3, 2010 at 1:59 PM  

I normally buy hamburger at around a dollar to 1.50 a pound depending on if I am desperate or not :-) Chicken....I get it (or try)super cheap (Meijer had the 2.5 pound bags of frozen for 3.99 a while ago)So somewhere around 1.60-1.80 is what I stock up at. Pork shoulder (we LOVE spicy shredded pork at 85 cents a pound YAY) Does this give you an idea? BTW..the capri sun coupons were for the Sunrise capri suns which my meijer didnt have yet. I asked a manager and he said I could use them on the other beeping or anything. just a FYI if you cant find them at your store.

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