Monday, May 31, 2010

Reader Deals!!

I just LOVE hearing about my readers deals!! This one came from Erin...and boy did she clean up at CVS this week:

"hey amy!

got some awesome deals at cvs today--- great deals for those with babies!! A lot of huggies/pampers/gerber/Johnson&Johnson/aveeno products were on clearance for 75% off… they didn’t have the huggies I needed L very sad… CVS wipes were also on clearance… and I’m sure more that I didn’t notice!!!

here’s what I got today at cvs:

1 scope

2 natural aloe pampers wipes, in the container, clearance.87 cents

2 aveeno body washes, clearance $1.42

1 BIG baby orajel, clearance $1.62

5 j&j buddies bars, clearance .34 cents

3 j&j shea butter & coconut baby lotions, clearance $1.12

5 3-pk refill pampers baby wipes, clearance $1.99

3 pampers diapers swaddlers (the only kind they had on clearance), clearance $2.99—had 3 $2.00 coupons!!!

2 bottles of pedialyte, clearance $1.37--- I had $1.50 coupons!!!

2 clean & clear face wash


$16.25 OOP

I would have done better if I was better organized with my coupons. I have some I haven’t put in my binder yet…

AND I got $2.00 ECBs back…

TOTAL SAVINGS??? $133.50!!!!

I am stoked!!!

Thanks for letting me share!!!"


Feel free to share all of your great deals with me and I will post them as I can. I think it is so encouraging to see what we can do with coupons!!


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