Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Surveys and other Money makers


I blogged about Neilsen Consumer panel earlier in the week and you all seemed to like it (sign ups are still open to see if you qualify btw....but hurry it typically closes quickly)

But Global Test Market is another survey company I use as well. I signed up with them in January and have been happy with them. I am about at 25 dollars now and can cash out when I get to 50. I dont have a ton of time to do them, but it is something that I do while watching TV for the most part. You are never gonna get rich doing surveys, but every little bit helps and for not a lot of effort on my part it is worth it.

There are things I like about Global test market:

I like cash. No gift cards...just a check. Love it!

No spam...they are very good about that.

If I am going to screen out of a survey, it lets me know quickly and doesnt waste my time.

there hasnt been a ton of deals and freebies to post about, so I thought I would share some of my ways to earn a bit of extra money vs how to spend it :-)

Let me know if you get on board :-)


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