Thursday, May 20, 2010

Technical difficulties...

Sadly my laptop decided it didnt want to boot up last night.
It is now at the laptop doctor and hopefully will be fixed tomorrow? I am at work right now, but will try and see if I can find the deals that popped up today to share with you depending on the mood of my patients (psych nurse remember???)

I had a garage sale today at a friends so I have been pretty swamped anyway and have a brand new topic to discuss with ya'll from that!
I also made some new friends at my sale so if you are new WELCOME!!

Stay tuned and I will see what I can find for you, but without all the pretty pictures cause it is work and all :-)


Anonymous,  May 21, 2010 at 8:39 AM  

Hi Amy,

I am one of your new followers!! I just sent a FB message to my family and friends so hopefully you will have a few more! I am very excited to have someone posting local deals that I know that I can get and who have the same coupons as me! Thank you for doing this!

Hope your garage sale went well and that you sold all of your stockpile!!

Luella :)

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