Monday, May 31, 2010

Who wants to be me for a day?????

I did forget, I wanted to ask if I have any volunteers on who wants to be me for a day? I am looking for atleast 7 volunteers for this grueling glamourous job of mine, the more the merrier though.

You see, I am going on vacay and am in need of some guest bloggers...and I thought who could be more perfect than you guys??? I am figuring that it would be a bummer to leave you all high and dry while I go have a ball at Disney so I thought I would line up some posts for when I am gone.

All you would have to do is write up a post, about whatever you want having to do with saving money. It could be your trip reports, a way to save at Gymboree, how to cut costs with sports activites, how to save money when you are single......anything that can help you all save money.

Even if you arent a blogger I can make it really easy for you, no techy knowlege needed... So what do ya say????

Any takers out there?


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