Monday, June 14, 2010

Making Money Online

I chat a lot about how to save money on this blog. Coupons, freebies and rebates have all accounted for a big reason for why I have slashed my grocery budget in half or more!!

One thing that I don't talk overly much about is how to make money online. There are a lot of companies that I use to make some extra spending money while I am watching television or other things. These are all companies that I actually use, not junk or anything. My one piece of advice would be to set up a separate email to start doing these and check it daily. This will take just a bit of your time and keep your email from filling up with junk mail :-)

First there is My Inbox Dollars. I have to say that I only use this company for their paid email program. This lets me mindlessly click on email while I am watching television and get paid to do so. It certainly isn't paying big money, but its quick, easy and mindless...and every bit adds up over time.

Next I use Global Test Market They are a reputable company that I do surveys for. I am right around 30 dollars now and can cash out when I hit 50. I would love to entirely pay for my Christmas shopping with surveys and Swagbucks but we will see how that goes :-) I like the site, they pay cash and I opt out quickly if I am going to so no wasting my time...I love it!

I also use a form of Nielsen Home Scan. I am actually on the waiting list for the the scanner itself, but I use another method that they track my time on the computer. I am then entered into a drawing for prizes. The Home scan is what intrigues me. If you get a scanner, you scan your groceries and submit the information back to neilsen electronically. This helps them to know what products are being bought in our region and other information. This program offers up excellent prizes and compensation, so I would strongly suggest at least applying and getting on the waiting list. If and when you do get a scanner, you then choose how long you want to continue the program. A win win for me!

USA talk now is a great program as well. You fill out initial screening surveys and you then can be asked to take part in various surveys and focus groups. I did one about a month ago and it took approximately an hour of my time...and paid me 60 dollars! Woo Hoo Super easy and great just doesn't happen with any regularity.

Ipsos Survey is a survey company that I have signed up with but not done any significant surveys for yet. I just recently signed up for their program and honestly I have been really busy. But I have done a couple of their screening surveys and receive surveys in my inbox on a regular basis. It is something that I am going to work more on the last half of the year.

These are just a few of the survey companies I use with good success. You are never going to get rich from surveys and paid emails, but they can provide a good source of income over time. I hope to have earned several hundred dollars by the end of the year from it. It certainly isn't much, but it will take big chunk out of my Christmas Budget for doing it while I am just sitting and watching TV.

What companies are you guys using???


Anonymous,  June 15, 2010 at 9:00 AM  

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