Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Should You Buy Generics To Save Money (Guest Post)

{This is guest post by Shelley, who blogs over at Savor The Savings She has a beautiful site and is a great deal blogger too! Show her some love and check her out! Thanks Shelley!}

Many people buy generic products to save at the grocery store instead of shopping with coupons, but many times you can score name brand items much cheaper or even FREE with coupons.You can even make a profit at times, when you combine sales and coupons with rebates or catalinas!!!

When considering generic products keep these things in mind:

Size Matters! Many times the generic may be cheaper and the box may appear equal in size to the brand product when in actuality the box may contain less product. Calculate the cost per ounce to see if you are getting the better deal.

Quality Counts! Brand name companies usually produce a higher quality product, they will stand behind their products and be easy to contact should any problems or concerns arise.
Price Matters! Sure name brand is usually more costly than the generic on the shelf next to it, but when you calculate in coupons and rebates you can usually score some very cheap or FREE high quality name brand products. You don't find coupons or rebates for generic products. Just monitor blogs like this one and with a few minutes of time you can snag some really great deals without compromising on quality and even save some money too!


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