Sunday, June 20, 2010

Not a Saver? (Guest Post)

{Haven't we had some awesome bloggers this week? I am sure you guys aren't missing me AT ALL! hehehe. Today's post is from Nolie at Nolies Place and she rocks! I love following along with her blog because she just blogs about the reality of daily life. She is hysterical...go check her out!}

I am not a saver. Or at least it is not something I actively try to do. I enjoy shopping but am naturally cheap so don't really buy things. I use shopping just to get out of the house and can leave the mall empty handed. However there are times when I know what I want and will try to buy it as cheaply as possible. Here is a list of the few ways I try to save.

  • If I am going out to eat with the family I will see what restaurants are offering kids eat free that night and go there instead.

  • On our vacation to Toronto last year I found an offer online for the CN Tower that if you lived in certain cities you can get the deluxe package for super cheap with ID. I showed my ID and we saved over $60. I found this offer just by surfing the internet for visitor information for the city.

  • We visit Ottawa almost once a month so we bought the entertainment book for Ottawa. I got it in an online offer for only $15. Using it just once at a hotel got us our money back and then some. They have many different cities that they offer the coupon book for in North America.

  • Another way I save is through military discounts. We are a military family and I will check the discount lists military members when looking for a particular service. This list also finds our restaurants to eat at while saving money.

  • Old Navy coupons. I get this coupon every week from their facebook page. I am amazed at the money I have saved when I leave their. Also their receipts offer you the chance to fill out a survey after each visit to get 15% off your next visit. I always do the survey.

  • Speaking of surveys I find that many companies are offering this at the bottom of their receipts. Check your receipt for an offer. Easy way to save money next time you go back.

  • Last but not least if I know I am going to buy a certain item I will check their website and google to see if their are currently any offers to save. I am going to buy it anyways so why not take a minute or two to try to save on it.

As you can see there are many little way I save money without actually trying. We all spend time online so why not take 10 minutes to look up ways to save on where you are going or what you may be buying. Even if it is a couple of cents that money adds up. Since I have started doing these little steps I have seen our accounts drop less and less each time we go out compared to before. My fiance now refers to me as the "Deal Queen." If only he knew how much more we could save if I tried harder. Shhhh . . . no one tell him please!


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