Wednesday, March 24, 2010

CVS Deals 3-24

I so love CVS! I especially love their clearance section. All the beverages you see were 75% off! I only paid a quarter for each of the arizona ice teas (my fav!) 40 cents for the propel fitness water and 50 cents for the ginormous Gatorade bottles. With 4 kids and flag football and band camp coming up, I was glad to stock up on the water and gatorade. I personally just love the tea :-) Now I just have to find a place to hide them all till it is summer sports season.

So I did extremely well at CVS. I saved 79.36 and recieved 131.73. I really didnt have a big list for CVS this week, but both hubby and I misplaced our sunglasses so I took advantage of their buy one get one half sale. Not too bad a deal!

So along with the beverages and the shades, we got:

1 bottle of cvs shampoo (free remember?)
colgate sensitive toothpaste
crest 3d mouthwash
1 lip gloss
2 neutrogena minerals foundations (love it!)
3 packs of pampers ( I didnt need diapers again for a couple of weeks, but at only a little over 3 dollars a pack I couldnt resist!)

Not too shabby!!

How did you do?


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